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What is Auslan Day?

Auslan Day celebrates the rich history, culture, community and language of the Australian Deaf community by honouring the date of first publication of the Auslan dictionary.

To learn more about Auslan Day including;

  • Why we celebrate
  • How it was established
  • How to celebrate

Download the flyer below to learn more and share with your friends and family!

What is Auslan Day Flyer
Auslan Day

What is Auslan?

Auslan is the language of the Australian Deaf Community. Auslan is a portmanteau,a word made up by combining the words Australian Sign Language.

Did you know that Auslan or Australian Sign Language has been used in Australia since the 1900s. Whilst it is hard to pinpoint the date when Auslan was first used, there is evidence of signing Deaf people in Australia going back to 1820s.

Interested to learn more about Auslan? Download our ‘What is Auslan?’ Flyer below!

What is Auslan Flyer
Education - beg class

Use our Auslan GIFs!

To celebrate Auslan Day, we have created some Auslan GIFs that you can use across social media via

These GIFs can be used anywhere on Social Media via

Do you have some suggestions of more Auslan GIFs we should make, let us know by emailing We will continue to grow this collection throughout the year and want your feedback!

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Download or Print our Auslan Bookmark

We have created a Bookmark that you can download and print complete with Auslan alphabet to help you practice your Auslan fingerspelling.

Download the Auslan Bookmark
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Trevor Johnston's View

This day has only recently become a day of celebration when the Deaf Society New South Wales made a video to celebrate 30 years since the first publication. Last year several Deaf community members suggested through social media posts that this date should become an annual celebration, giving the name ‘Auslan Day’.

Watch below as Professor Trevor Johnston explains how the name of Australia’s Sign Language became known as ‘Auslan’.

Thank you Deaf Australia and Trevor Johnston for this amazing resource and insight.

Watch Trevor Johnston Explain

Deaf Ecosystem Webinar: History of Auslan

Learn more about the history of our beautiful language, Auslan, with Darlene Thornton from Deaf Australia.

Watch Darlene present
DA - DT - History of Auslan TBN

Carol shares her Auslan story

Auslan Day in the community – Meet Carol from Cairns. We sat down with some of our community on Auslan Day to talk about Australian Sign Language. Here is what Carol had to say.

Trevor and Marcia Share their stories

Auslan Day in the community – Meet Trevor and Marcia from Sydney. We sat down with some of our community on Auslan Day to talk about Australian Sign Language. Here is what Trevor and Marcia had to say.

What else is going on?

Brett Casey and Jen Blyth of Deaf Australia discuss what is happening on Auslan Day and how you can get involved. We have been absolutely blown away with the response to our FREE taster Auslan classes with enrolments reaching capacity in record time. What better way to celebrate Auslan Day by sharing and educating people about our rich history and language.