Group Based Community Participation - Deaf Connect


We provide the Deaf and hard of hearing community with access to support in Auslan, allowing participants to learn and develop the skills and confidence to live independent lives. By supporting participants using their primary language, we aim to reduce the requirement for Auslan interpreters in situations where they may not be needed and reduce the strain on our participant’s interpreting packages. 

We host a range of online and face to face group programs and activities throughout the year for our participants. Our activity program aims to enable individuals to participate and engage in community, social and recreational activities. 

What activities?

The outings are based on the interests of the group and may include attending: 

  • Group exercise or sporting activities 
  • Social events 
  • Online group activities 
  • Regular special interest clubs and groups 

Activities are varied and are focused on bringing participants together, providing access to a wider network and the opportunity to socialise. 

Out team members facilitate these events, provide transport before and after and offer assistance to participants during the program. Group support participants love the opportunity to join in, have fun and be part of the community. 

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For NDIS Participants 

If you are currently approved for an NDIS package you may be eligible for community participation support from our LSS Service. 

Our core supports include: 

  • Assistance to access community, social and recreational activities; and, 
  • Group based community, social and recreational activities. 
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