Deaf Connect and City of Ryde Launch Auslan Storytime

Published on: 16th June 2023

Deaf Connect and the City of Ryde have joined forces to introduce an Auslan Storytime program for children and families in Sydney. Located at the North Ryde Library, this program is set to create an inclusive and enriching environment where stories come to life through sign language. 

Auslan Storytime is a unique storytelling experience that features a Deaf presenter and an Auslan interpreter, captivating audiences with animated storytelling sessions. The program aims to foster a love for reading while providing an opportunity for children and families to learn Auslan, the native sign language of the Australian Deaf community. 

Children attending Auslan Storytime not only get to enjoy engaging narratives but also learn a variety of new signs. The program serves as an exciting platform to expand signing skills and communicate in a whole new way. By embracing the beauty of Auslan, participants can connect with Deaf culture, breaking barriers and promoting inclusivity within the community. 

This initiative is not limited to children alone; parents and caregivers are encouraged to join in the fun as well. Auslan Storytime offers families a wonderful chance to bond, learn together, and create lasting memories. It opens doors to shared experiences where everyone can grow and develop new skills while strengthening their connection with one another. 

Come and be part of this wonderful journey at Auslan Storytime, where stories transcend language barriers and unite hearts through the power of sign language. See you there! 

For further information on dates and times of Auslan Storytime sessions, please visit the City of Ryde’s website. 

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