Why play is important

Play is key to your child’s development, confidence and wellbeing and when they play it gives them lots of ways to learn. It also helps to:

  • Build confidence
  • Feel loved, happy and safe
  • Develop social skills, language and communication
  • Develop physical skills

‘Why play is important’, accessed 29 April 2020 from Raising Children (www.raisingchildren.net.au)

Hear for Kids provide hands-on, evidence based early intervention and therapy support for deaf and hard of hearing children. The team of therapists and teachers uses a number of resources to support the delivery of services and we want to share some of these with parents to support their continued learning at home.

Kids activities (2)

What are the different types of resources available?

Sorting and matching games help children develop visual perception, thinking and memory skills. It teaches children to notice similarities and differences, learn to categorise and develop early literacy and numeracy. Download the ‘Ice Cream Sorting Game’ below.

Activities that involve colouring support the development of your child’s motor skills through holding the pencil, learning to grip and control movements. It also improves focus and hand eye coordination and stimulates their creativity. Download the ‘Colouring In’ and ‘Make a Dolphin’ activities below.

All of the resources below are available to download for free and will give parents and children the chance to play and learn together. Have fun!

Kids activities