What is Plan Management?

Plan Management is a service funded through the NDIS, where a Plan Manager helps manage part of your NDIS plan for you or a dependent person. This includes collecting invoices and paying bills from your NDIS funds. 




What do our Plan Managers do?

Deaf Connect has a team of Plan Managers who: 

  • Pay your service providers 
  • Help you keep track of NDIS funds 
  • Do your monthly financial reporting 
  • Work with you to understand your specific needs 
  • Help you choose the best way to manage your funds 

New online portal

Deaf Connect’s Plan Management clients now have complete visibility & control over their NDIS funding with the launch of our new online portal.  

You can access real-time updates and statements whenever and wherever using your phone, tablet or computer.

Always know how much budget you have left on your plan and live updates on your claims.

How much does it cost?

Plan Management is a service funded through the NDIS under your Capacity Building supports. When you have your initial plan meeting, or your plan review, be sure to tell them you would like to have your plan managed by Deaf Connect.  


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