Leonie's Legacy

In January 2021, we learnt of the passing of our colleague, friend and community champion, Leonie Jackson.  

Since that time, we have seen an outpouring of love and compassion from those who knew Leonie or knew of her place in the community and her legacy. 

Equality in education for Deaf children was a passion for Leonie. Leonie was a pioneer of bilingual Deaf education in Australia and throughout her teaching, corporate and not-for-profit career she championed the rights of Deaf children. 

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Leonie's Legacy

Leonie was many things











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About the fund

The fund is our commitment to projects that will ensure access to quality bilingual education for all Deaf children.

It was established to provide funding support for projects which reflect Leonie’s ideals and build on her legacy.

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Fund recipient

We are delighted to share that the first recipient of the Leonie Jackson Memorial Fund is Mandy Conner from South Australia.

Mandy is a qualified teacher of the Deaf and works within the Department of Education focusing primarily on Early Intervention for Deaf Children.

Inspired by Leonie Jackson’s passionate advocacy for bilingual education for deaf children, Mandy and her team decided to advocate for the inclusion of a deaf mentor role within their service. Watch the video to learn how the Leonie Jackson Memorial Grant is assisting Mandy’s vision. 

Grant Applications

We are now accepting applications starting at $5,000 from the Leonie Jackson Memorial Fund.

Do you have an idea for a project that is innovative, creative and impactful and are ready to apply?

You can apply in one of two ways – either through our online form below, or downloadable PDF here. Please email all applications to [email protected].