The Tap | Edition 22

Published on: 27th July 2022

Welcome to the 22nd Edition of ‘The Tap!’ Deaf Connect’s fortnightly update on what is happening around the organisation and in the community.

We’ve been doing a lot of traveling and have gained important information from the many events that we have hosted such as the ‘Over 65’s Roadshow’ and ‘Let’s Connect’ events. What’s also important are the services we deliver to our Deaf community members. Brett explains some of the critical services that we provide to the Deaf community.

Brent remarks on passing the halfway point of visiting 7 out of the total 13 locations for the ‘Let’s Connect’ events. At our 7 events so far, we’ve had a total of 607 people attend,. This includes people from diverse backgrounds including families, Deaf and hard of hearing people, seniors, young people, and indigenous community members.

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