The Tap | Edition 24

Published on: 24th August 2022

Welcome to the 24th Edition of ‘The Tap!’ Deaf Connect’s fortnightly update on what is happening around the organisation and in the community. 

This week, Brent provides an update on the ‘Let’s Connect Roadshow’ after visiting 11 locations around Australia and what the next steps will be.  

Deaf Connect is proud to have sponsored the creation of the Silent Life of Barry Priori documentary. Brent encourages you to watch. It will be shown on ABC Plus program ‘Compass’ on Sunday, at 6:30PM and is also available on ABC iView. 

Brent also discusses the upcoming breakfast at Parliament House event that we are hosting on Wednesday 14th September in Canberra. He encourages Deaf youths from all around Australia to submit an EOI to attend the breakfast. More information can be found on our website: Click here. The successful applicants will receive return flights and a night’s accommodation to attend the breakfast. 

Do you have a question for ‘The Tap’? Email: [email protected] 

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