The Tap | Edition 25

Published on: 9th September 2022

Welcome to the 25th Edition of ‘The Tap!’ Deaf Connect’s fortnightly update on what is happening around the organisation and in the community.

This week, Brett talks about the conclusion of the Let’s Connect Roadshow after visiting Hobart and Melbourne and how many total attendees we had across all the events. Did we achieve our goal of 1000 attendees?

He also talks about the upcoming National Week of Deaf People that will take place between 19 – 25 September and also our planned breakfast at Parliament House on the 14 September in Canberra.*

Events include:

  • Deaf Festival in Brisbane on 17-18 Sep
  • Spring Jam Basketball event in Brisbane on the 17 Sep
  • Darwin dinner for our Darwin community members
  • Auslan Creative Festival in Lismore between 23-25 Sep
  • Adelaide movie night (Currently being organised)
  • Deaf Festival in Homebush at the end of November

Make sure you keep an eye on our website, Facebook, Instagram and also the Deaf Herald so that you don’t miss out on any events!

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*Video was filmed prior to the passing of Queen Elizabeth II – Updates about this event will be distributed shortly.

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