Leonie Jackson

The late Leonie will always be remembered as a tireless and dedicated advocate. Her lifetime commitment to bilingual education continues to inspire. She was a passionate teacher; her wisdom was priceless and her passion, inspiring. 

To honour her legacy, we established the Leonie Jackson Memorial Fund. The fund is our commitment to projects that will ensure access to quality bilingual education for all Deaf children.

It was established to provide funding support for projects which reflect Leonie’s ideals and build on her legacy.

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Marnie Kerridge

A Teacher of the Deaf and Instructional Coach at Victorian College for the Deaf with 25 years of experience. Marnie is actively involved in Deaf advocacy and is this year’s Colin Allen AM Lecture’ presenter. 

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Marnie Kerrige - Educators

Patti Levitzke-Gray

Deaf Education Officer at Shenton College Deaf Education Centre in Perth, Patti is an experienced educator and Deaf interpreter. She hails from a large Deaf family, with over 140 Deaf relatives, and is a 4th generation Deaf person. 

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Darlene Thornton

Darlene is a third generation Deaf Australian. Darlene has been involved with teaching, training, researching and writing on Auslan, Auslan linguistics, sign language interpreting and Australian Deaf History for over 25+ years. Darlene also works as a consultant, instructional designer, resources developer and owns MyAuslan.


Janelle Whalan and Kett Gault

Janelle and Kett are based in South East Queensland and created ‘Just Auslanwhere they teach Auslan and provide classes for the Deaf community.

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Janelle Kett

Kerrie Taylor

A Deaf author who has published several books under her business ‘Tall Giraffe,’ that feature Auslan, encouraging parents to sign with their children. She also manages Auslan Hub where people can buy Auslan educational resources from Deaf educators. 

Auslan Hub
Kerrie Taylor - Educator

Darren and Briana Beath

Darren and Briana are both Deaf and have taught Auslan for over 10 years in various settings through their business ‘Auslan in the West. 

Auslan in the West
Darren Brianna Beath - Educators

Melissa Bryson

A teacher of the Deaf and Auslan tutor, Melissa uploads videos to her Instagram account ‘Auslanrocks,’ daily for her followers to learn and ask questions.

Auslan Rocks Instagram