Feedback and Complaints

At Deaf Connect we welcome all forms of feedback, no matter if it is positive or negative. We have a strict procedure for ensuring your confidentiality, that you are treated with respect, and that you are supported to seek a resolution.

How do I give feedback?

If you have compliments, suggestions or complaints you can provide these to Deaf Connect in a number of ways:

If you are making a complaint:

  • You are free to give feedback first or make a formal complaint straight away
  • All complaints are treated confidentially and you will not be disadvantaged by making a complaint
  • You have the right to support in resolving your complaint. This means you can involve a family member or other representative, or an advocacy service of your choice
  • We are can provide translation and/or interpreting services to assist you to make your complaint
  • All complaints are handled as per our Feedback and Complaints Management Procedure

Feedback and Complaints Management Procedure:

Step 1: Once you have submitted your complaint in writing or via video, you will receive acknowledgement that Deaf Connect has received your complaint.

Step 2:Ā Your complaint is assessed by a Manager from ourĀ People & CultureĀ Team.Ā IfĀ deemed necessary, this ManagerĀ may then appoint an Investigating Officer, who will contact you to discuss the complaint.

Step 3:Ā The person handling your complaint will decide on the best course of action based on the information provided.

Step 4:Ā The person handling your complaint will contact youĀ to discuss what actionsĀ haveĀ been proposed or haveĀ been taken following your complaint. They will seek your feedback on whether you are satisfied with theseĀ actions.

Step 5:Ā If, in your view, the complaint has not been resolved, you may request a review of your complaint, or appeal the decision.

Not happy with the outcome of your complaint?

If Deaf Connect is unable to resolve your complaint or you are not satisfied with the response, you may wish to contact the following relevant authorities, here.

Deaf Lottery

If the feedback or query relates to the purchase of Deaf Lottery tickets, please emailĀ [email protected]