The teenage years are a tumultuous time of intense growth, not only physically but emotionally and intellectually. Having a teenager with a hearing loss adds another layer of complexity to what a challenging time for most families is already. 

It’s important to remember that this stage is your child at their most energetic, thoughtful and idealistic self.  So, although it can be a period of conflict between parent and child, the teen years are also a time to help kids grow into distinct and independent adults. 



Indy's Story

Watch Indy’s story and see how open communication and empathy between parent and child empowers both, particularly in those turbulent teen years. Emerging identity is important, and Indy expresses her sense of difference actually making her feel special. Indy has some great advice for parents – trust your teens! 

Anita's Story

Watch the story of Anita’s journey after school, joining the School Leavers Support Program, getting a job, and saving up to travel overseas to visit family in Japan!

*Unfortunately, the Deaf Society’s School Leavers Support Program is no longer available. Please contact us for support [email protected]

Empowering Deaf Youth

At every age and stage of life, community is vital for the growth and wellbeing of each individual. However, community means something different to each of us across different stages of life. 

Like all teenagers on the journey to independence and autonomy, young people who are deaf and hard of hearing want to develop their own community of peers. 

A great way for deaf teens to plug into their peers is through the pursuit of their passions, such as sports, hobbies and the arts. 

Watch a film about Naomi Hayman’s story when she joined the original Hearos Youth Group, run by Brett Casey all those years ago!