If your child is deaf or hard of hearing, starting school is a new milestone that can pose many challenges but also exciting possibilities. 

Kids worry about all sorts of things. Standing out from the crowd, keeping up in class, participating in sport and making friends.  

It is also an opportunity to learn, broaden their interests and develop important social skills. 

Going to primary school means your child’s world is about to expand. You will want to make sure they have all the supports in place to prepare them for their next stage of physical, social and communication development. 


Emily, Jayden & Maddison’s Story

The story of these three siblings, all of whom are deaf, will give you insight and inspiration to navigate the Primary School years.

Even within one family, you will see that every deaf child’s journey is very individual. School supports, advocacy and flourishing identity are all important aspects of this developmental stage.

Parent To Parent Mentor Program

Deaf Connect offer the Parent-to-Parent Mentor Program to families in NSW.

New parents are paired with more experienced parents of deaf children. It is an opportunity for you to share your experiences, seek advice and discuss your child’s future prospects.

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