English - Parramatta - Deaf Connect

Key Information

Dates: 19th July - 6th December 2023

Time: Wednesday at 9:00am - 12:00pm

Location: Deaf Connect Parramatta, Level 4, 69 Phillip Street, Parramatta

FSKRDG001 – Recognise extremely short and simple workplace signs and symbols

FSKRDG004 – Read and respond to short and simple workplace information

FSKRDG006 – Read and respond to simple informal workplace texts

FSKWTG001 – Complete personal details on extremely simple and short workplace forms

FSKWTG002 – Write short and simple workplace formatted texts

FSKWTG003 – Write short and simple workplace information

* Units in this course are taken from FSK10119 Certificate I in Access to Vocational Pathways

These courses are designed for people who are Deaf and hard of hearing adults aged 15 or over.

Due to our training being subsidised by the NSW Government, our courses are fee-free for people who are eligible.

You will need:

Proof of citizenship in the form of one of the following:

• Australian or New Zealand Birth Certificate
• Australian or New Zealand Passport
• Green Medicare card
• Naturalisation Certificate
• Humanitarian VISA
• Certificate of Evidence of Resident Status (Permanent Resident)

Proof of residency or employment in the form of one of the following:

• Current driver’s license
• Health Care card or Pension card
• Proof of Age card
• Letter or email form employer to show the street address where you are working
• Utilities account relating to your address within the last 3 months of rental document

Proof of disability in the form of one of the following:

• Disability Support Pension card
• Letter form a medical practitioner
• Letter from a health professional
• Letter from a government agency
• Letter from a school counsellor

You may enrol in as many courses as you like, but make sure to secure your place quickly as space is limited.

To enrol into a workshop or to find out more information, please contact us:

Email: studentservices@accesstraining.edu.au

Do you have a question?

You can email us directly at auslan.auslan@deafconnect.org.au or by using this form.