Who can apply?

The Deaf Connect Grants program is open to Deaf, Deafblind and hard of hearing community members and those people who support them.

Recognised Deaf groups are also eligible.

Organisations may apply for sponsorship of their project or event, if they can demonstrate a direct benefit to the Deaf community.

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What support is available?

The program supports the delivery of grant and sponsorship funding in 4 categories outlined below.

Individuals and Groups (Best for Deaf community members):

The Individuals and Groups stream supports personal or community projects that can demonstrate value to the Deaf community as a whole.

Community Events:

The Community Events stream provides funding or in-kind support to events delivered by or for the Deaf community, or events that want to improve their language access to be accessible to Deaf people.

Partnership Building: 

Partnership Building support is provided to organisations who wish to develop a long term association with Deaf Connect. Partnership arrangements will involve ongoing mutually beneficial support beyond a single project or event and will have the capacity to run over the longer term.

Service Growth (available internally to Deaf Connect staff only):

Through this category the grants program has proudly supported the development of a range of new service offerings and projects throughout Deaf Connect.

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How do I apply?

Each applicant is required to complete this Application Form and detail their project or goal and the costs involved in achieving this. Applications will be assessed by Deaf Services on a case by case basis and will consider:

  • The project itself and its benefits
  • The financial value of the project
  • The financial support which has been provided to the individual or organisation within the same calendar year.

If you have any questions regarding the Sponsorships Grants and Partnerships program OR if you would like support in developing your application, please email [email protected] or phone 07 3892 8500 (voice) or 07 3892 8501 (TTY).

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What are the submission deadlines?

You can submit an application form at any time. Please ensure you allow no less than six weeks prior to your event, activity or project funding deadline for us our team to review your application.

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Successful recipients

In addition to any sponsorship package benefits provided through the funding processes all recipients are asked to work with Deaf Connect in crafting a story outlining the project, and how the support provided assisted in its completion.


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