Transfer of Services from Deaf Can:Do

Published on: 4th March 2022

It was announced On Wednesday, 2 March, that the Can Do:Group has offered services specifically for their Deaf Community to be transferred to Deaf Connect. As a result Deaf Can:Do’s service delivery teams will transfer to Deaf Connect and all staff will be offered the opportunity to continue their critical role supporting Deaf and hard of hearing South Australians.

This announcement follows extensive community consultation by The Can:Do Group to understand the needs of the South Australian Deaf Community, and the aspects of a community organisation that were most important. Deaf Connect will continue to work with the community to ensure their needs are met and we are able to provide support when and where they need it.

For more information about the announcement, please see watch the above announcement regarding the future of Deaf Can:Do from CEO Heidi Limareff, Can:Do Group, Chief Executive and Brett Casey, CEO of Deaf Connect.

Following the announcement for the South Australian Deaf Community, Brett Casey and Heidi Limareff discussed some of the detail behind the transfer of Deaf Can:Do services. You can watch this discussion below.

Make sure to watch our website and social media channels for more information.

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