Deaf Connect congratulates Emma and Hayley in The Amazing Race

Published on: 13th November 2023

The Deaf Connect team, and the community has been very excited to witness Emma and Hayley’s resounding success in “The Amazing Race” recently. Our dedicated staff has been eagerly tuning in for the past few weeks, following their adventures.

Emma and Hayley, generously, nominated the Leonie Jackson Memorial Fund, an integral part of Deaf Connect, as their chosen charity. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to them for this gesture and their support of bilingual education for Deaf children, emphasising education in Auslan and English.

Throughout the race, Emma and Hayley not only competed with determination but also embodied kindness, courtesy, and a genuine connection with children across the globe. It was truly heartening to witness so many of Leonie Jackson’s values reflected in the way they navigated the challenges of the race.

Deaf Connect is committed to Leonie’s vision, which would see every Deaf child in Australia having access to quality bilingual education. The funds received from Emma and Hayley’s shared victory will be directed towards projects that align with this vision, fostering an environment where Deaf children can thrive in both Auslan and English.

Congratulations, Emma and Hayley! We are honoured to have been part of your incredible journey and eagerly anticipate working towards a future where deaf children can flourish in an educational landscape that embraces both Auslan and English. Your triumph not only celebrates your remarkable achievement but also fuels the aspirations of Deaf Connect and the Leonie Jackson Memorial Fund.

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