Deaf Connect’s Support Work Services

Published on: 15th January 2024

Deaf Connect offer personalised Support Work services to the Deaf, Deafblind and hard of hearing community, whose primary language is Auslan, to help them achieve their full potential and live the life they choose. Our Support Workers have a variety of interests, skills and communication methods including Auslan, visual and Deafblind communication.

What do our support workers do?

We work with you to create tailored support plans for you to achieve your goals for everyday life and long-term.

Support Workers can support you to:

  • develop communication skills and strategies for participating in everyday life
  • participate in social or community events
  • undertake everyday activities like shopping and budgeting
  • build capacity to travel independently on public transport
  • develop independent living skills like cooking, cleaning, and personal maintenance
  • learn new skills

Using a Support Worker looks different for everyone. Some Support Workers support participants with daily life activities such as attending appointments or accessing the community by attending a community group or pursuing a hobby that they enjoy.

I’ve decided to access support work – what happens next? 

To access support work and discuss what could work for you, email [email protected].

To find out more, see our services information page: Support Work Services.

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