Federal Election | Upcoming Debate and Auslan Access

Published on: 6th May 2022

The Federal Election is coming up soon and as you know, there are debates happening. This Sunday, there will be a debate on Channel 9.

Deaf Connect has been in discussions with Channel 9 to ensure the debate is accessible to the Australian Deaf community.

Discussions were positive; however time was against us to ensure the logistics and technology was possible. What we have agreed is for Channel 9 to provide us with the footage of the debate, and we will add Auslan interpretation, edit it and then stream it to the Australian Deaf community. You will then be able to follow the debate.

Deaf Connect strongly believes in providing you all with access so you can follow debates, make informed decisions and decide on who to vote for.

There will be a third debate on Wednesday night on Channel 7. We have started discussions with them on providing access to you all.

Make sure to follow us on Facebook to receive further details and watch the debate next week.

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