Meet Program Coordinator, Kahli

Published on: 24th May 2022

Kahli is a the Deaf Connect Program Coordinator for the interpreting qualification, an interpreter trainer and an interpreter based in Queensland. 

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Kahli’s first language is Auslan, born to deaf parents she is a proud CODA (Child of Deaf Adults), whose ambition has always been to be an interpreter in the Auslan community. Surrounded by the culture and language of Auslan through family, friends and work it is a natural part of her everyday life. 

Kahli started her career journey with a diploma of interpreting in Brisbane, then went onto study to become a school teacher, while doing so she worked as an Auslan Interpreter. Her love for teaching in schools and interpreting fought an equal race in her heart, before combining her two passions of teaching and interpreting, finding her true calling as an interpreter trainer for Deaf Connect. 

When asked about her day-to-day work Kahli remarked “My work varies significantly from day to day. Some days I’m interpreting team meetings in the workplace and other days I’m at the vet helping someone with their puppy. It’s what I love about what we do! There is so much variety and flexibility with the role.” 

Kahli’s biggest piece of advice is that if you’ve ever wondered about a career in interpreting or wanted to know more about Auslan and sign language in general is to GO FOR IT. 

When we chatted to Kahli about what she enjoys most about working as an interpreter she remarked “Making communication as seamless as it should be for people. We often take for granted the ease with which we communicate in everyday life. If I can make that as easy for someone else, then providing access has been achieved and that is what we are there for.  Additionally, I am constantly learning new things from an extraordinary array of settings.” 

(That seems pretty good to us!) 

 Kahli is raising her hearing children as bilingual so that they are able to be independent in communicating in one of the languages of their family – Auslan. 

Kahli says “Auslan is incredibly important, it is not only a way of communicating but has a rich culture and lifestyle in which I am fully immersed. My children are hearing but growing up bilingually to ensure that they can communicate independently with deaf family and friends. My eldest has just commenced prep at a bilingual school for English and Auslan.”  

A career working for Deaf Connect enables a life of freedom and flexibility while working in a family friendly environment. One day Kahli will be going to the veterinarian with a client and new puppy and the next she will be in university lectures. The best thing about a career with Deaf Connect in interpreting is that there are always opportunities, and each day is different. 

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