How do I contact My Aged Care?

You can contact My Aged Care through their website or by calling them on 1800 200 422 via Deaf Connect Interpreting Services. We can provide face-to-face sign language interpreting and Video Remote Interpreting services.

If you would like assistance communicating with My Aged Care yourself, you can appoint a representative to communicate on your behalf.

Representatives can be:

  • a family member
  • a friend
  • your carer
  • a health professional (e.g. your GP)
  • an advocate
  • a service provider (e.g. Ageing Well)

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My Aged Care Eligibility and Assessments

To receive My Aged Care, you must undertake two assessments.

The first assessment is a 20-30 minute eligibility check over the phone or online, in order to assess your lifestyle and needs. These questions may include whether or not you use a walking aid, your living arrangements and current health concerns.

Once you have satisfied this step, you will undertake a face-to-face assessment in your own home with a My Aged Care assessor.

People with lower care needs will meet with a Regional Assessment Service (RAS) assessor, while those with high care needs will meet an assessor from the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT).

It is your right to have a support person with you throughout this assessment, as well as an Auslan interpreter. You can tell My Aged Care to organise an interpreter through Auslan Connections.

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Corporate help

My Aged Care Approvals and Referral Codes

After your assessment, the My Aged Care assessor writes a report, then sends the report to you or your representative via post or email.

This report will give you a list of the services you are approved to have. To be approved means My Aged Care says you are eligible to have that help.

You do not have to accept any or all of these services even if you have approval. You can say no or not yet. Usually, there is a waiting time for services.

Your report will also include referral codes. These codes are unique to you. They will be 12 digits long, and always start with the numeral 1.

You provide these codes to your preferred service provider in order for them to access your funding.

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Choosing Ageing Well As Your Preferred Provider

When you choose Ageing Well as your aged care provider, you will first meet with an Ageing Well support planner. During this meeting, the support planner will get to know you better, discuss your needs and circumstances and work with you to plan your services.


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