How do I make a plan?

To make your first plan you need to meet with someone from the NDIS to talk about your life and supports you have now. Before you meet with a Planner it is a good idea to be prepared.Ā Before you meet a Planner, think about all the help you get now likeĀ interpreting, different equipment or help at home.Ā  Think about all the different times you need interpreting (health appointments, social events and at work). Also think about who helps you now and what they help you with.Ā You also think about what you want in the future.

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What will be in my first plan?

Your first plan may have information about:

  • Informal support:Ā help from family and friends
  • Community support:Ā activities you attend in your local community
  • Mainstream support:Ā help from services like your Doctor or school
  • Reasonable and necessary funded supports: things that the NDIS can pay for

Your plan will include things like how many times you need an interpreter in 1 year.Ā  It will include any help you may need at home or with managing money and paying bills.Ā It is important to go prepared so you remember all the things you need help with. It will include your goals.

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What are goals and how many can I have?

In your plan you will state your short and long term goals.Ā A goal is something you want to achieve in the future.Ā There is no limit on the number of goals you can have in your plan.

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How the plan process works

Take a look at the NDIS website to learn more about the pathway.

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