What is a provider?

A provider is an organisation like Deaf Connect who is approved by the NDIS to provide support. A provider can help with lots of different things like personal care, cleaning, help with shopping, help to get out in the community, help to find a job and interpreting.

Corporate Support

Can I choose a provider?

Yes you can choose your provider. This is called self-direction. It means you control your support and how it is provided. This means for example you can choose which organisations you use for interpreting or to provide you support in your home.

You can also manage your funding yourself. This means you can pay for your services directly or you can get the NDIA to pay on your behalf.

You will need a written service agreement with your provider before you can start getting help. For example, any new interpreting arrangements in your NDIS plan cannot be provided until you have had your NDIS planning session and have a written service agreement.

Client - corporate

Can I have more than one provider?

Yes. You may have different providers for different types of support OR you may have different providers for the same support. You may have one organisation for in home support and another for interpreting. It depends on who you choose and your satisfaction with their help.

If you are not happy with your provider you can change. You do not need to wait for a review to change your provider.

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