Individual Support

We offer comprehensive support to the Deaf and hard of hearing community, including one-on-one assistance in daily activities, social participation, and independent living, as well as structured skill development programs. Our services aim to enhance their confidence, autonomy, and community engagement while reducing reliance on interpreters and providing tailored support based on individual needs.

Daily activities, social and community participation

We provide one-on-one support in Auslan for the Deaf and hard of hearing community, enabling them to learn and develop skills for independent living. Our tailored approach matches participants with Support Workers based on communication, interests, and temperament.

Support activities include;

  • housekeeping and basic home maintenance
  • navigating public transport, shopping and managing finances
  • meal preparation
  • personal hygiene
  • medical and hospital appointments
  • taking part in social and community activities

Life skills development program

We offer one-on-one skill development support and group programs for the Deaf and hard of hearing community, focusing on life skills and social training. Our aim is to increase social and community participation and promote autonomy.

The program covers areas such as;

  • home and personal safety,
  • cooking,
  • Budgeting,
  • household chores,
  • personal hygiene,
  • social skills,
  • relationships,
  • public transportation.

Supported independent living

We assist in participants’ own homes or shared living arrangements. Our support helps develop participants’ skills through tasks of daily life. A shared household is available in northern Brisbane, offering combined services for those requiring higher support levels.

NDIS information

If you are currently approved for an NDIS package you may be eligible for daily activities and social and community participation support from Deaf Connect.

Our core supports for NDIS participants include:

  • assistance with self-care activities
  • assistance with personal domestic activities
  • individual social skills development
  • individual skills development and training, including public transport training and support
  • innovative community participation
  • individual skills development and training
  • assistance with decision making, daily planning and budgeting; and,
  • community participation activities.

If you do not have a NDIS plan, we welcome you to reach out and discuss other supports.

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