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Short Term Accommodation

Short Term Accommodation (Respite)

Short Term Accommodation or respite is short break away from your home with a Support Worker to assist you to develop your independence and learn new skills. STA may suit your needs if your usual support network isn’t available for a short period.

What are the benefits of Short Term Accommodation?

A short stay away from home can help you:

  • try new activities
  • enjoy a change of scenery
  • step outside your comfort zone
  • increase independence
  • give your usual carers a break

What is covered under Short Term Accommodation?

STA funding includes all basic expenses in a 24-hour period related to the service including:

  • Accommodation: the cost of staying in a suitable & accessible accommodation
  • Assistance with daily living tasks: support with care, meals and other tasks as required.
  • Community access: support to participate in local activities and events
  • Food: breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Activities you and we agree to.

What is not covered under Short Term Accommodation?

  • Transport to and from the accommodation
  • Personal purchases and souvenirs

How is it funded and am I eligible? 

The NDIS funds short-term accommodation under the category Core Support ‘Assistance with Daily Living’.

Short term accommodation funding is flexible, so you can choose whether you want to use it all at once or spread it out over the year. Like with any support, the NDIS will fund Short Term Accommodation if it relates to one of your goals outlined in your NDIS Plan.

If you have a Support Coordinator or Plan Manager, it is a good idea to discuss this with them to make sure you have the right funds to pay for Short Term Accommodation. If you do not, we can support you in finding the information that you need.

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