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Our team in Brisbane (Speech Language Pathologists and Occupational Therapists), the Gold Coast and Townsville (Speech Language Pathologists) integrate with the supports and services the student is currently receiving in school, such as Education Queensland therapists, Advisory Visiting Teachers and Guidance Officers.

The focus of this support is to enhance the child’s learning outcomes and improve their educational opportunities.

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Who is Eligible?

To be eligible to receive a SDSS service from the Hear for Kids in School Program, a student must be enrolled in a Queensland school (state or non-state) and be identified in on the following ways:  

  • A student who was recorded in the latest submission of the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability (NCCD) as receiving supplementary, substantial, or extensive adjustments . 
  • A student where the school requires assistance to address a barrier to the student’s physical access to the school environment.  
  • A student who is new to the school (including Prep students), where the school has evidence of a diagnosed disability and has confirmed by the end of Term 1 that the adjustments provided are consistent with any of these descriptors in the NDSS guidelines (please refer to the ‘NCCD selecting the level of adjustment’ matrix) 
    • Supplementary: The student receives adjustments supplementary to the strategies and resources already available for all students within the school for particular activities at specific times throughout the weeks.  
    • Substantial: The students has substantial support needs and receives essential adjustments and requires considerable assistance to the usual education program at most times, on most days.  
    • Extensive: The student has very high support needs and is provided with extensive targeted measures and sustained levels of intensive support at all times.  


It is recognised that a small numbers of students with a disability require support to access and participate in education on the same basis of their peers without a disability as soon as they commence school.  

For Prep students or new students to a school, where the student has a diagnosed disability and documented ongoing complex needs, schools can apply for SDSS Program services to commence at the start of the school year if the student requires immediate support to access and participate in learning and/or for their safe attendance at school.   

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How to access the program:

Your child’s school has to request this service using the relevant Referral Form. Please complete and return to [email protected]

Brisbane Referral Form
Townsville Referral Form
Gold Coast Referral Form

If you would like more information about Hear for Kids in School please contact the Hear for Kids in School Program Co-ordinator at [email protected], by phone on 07 3848 0080.

This program supported by the Queensland Government through the Department of Education and Training, Specialist Disability Support in Schools (SDSS) program.

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