Counselling service

Deaf Connect’s new Counselling service is dedicated to providing mental health support for Deaf and hard of hearing NDIS participants in their preferred language.

What can a Counsellor help with?

Our Counsellors assist clients to explore the connection between thoughts, feelings and behaviour. They support clients to identify and implement strategies to achieve wellbeing and change.

Through a holistic, person-centered approach, Counsellors empower clients to:

  • Understand and manage behaviours
  • Understand emotional needs including anxiety, separation, sadness and depression
  • Understand and cope with grief and loss
  • Develop social skills
  • Navigate the unique experience of living with deafness
  • Develop emotional regulation and anger management skills

What sets our Counsellors apart from others?

Deaf Connect Counsellors have specialised knowledge regarding the language, communication, and social development of Deaf and hard of hearing individuals as they are fluent in Auslan and English. Their practice is informed by their understanding of the unique experience of living with deafness.

Our Counsellors work collaboratively with families, professionals, multidisciplinary teams and other service providers in order to help our clients reach their potential.

How to access Counselling services?

Deaf Connect is a registered NDIS provider and has appointments available in Townsville, or online through telehealth using a participants’ NDIS funding.

Want to know more? 

Contact our friendly team for more information | Phone: (07) 3892 8548 | Email: [email protected]

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