What is Deaf Awareness Training (DAT)

Many Australians, and businesses are not aware of the mental workload and challenges deaf and hard of hearing people undertake when communicating with their work colleagues, service providers, retail outlets, friends or family.


Deaf Awareness Training gives you information and practical tips to improve your everyday communication, interactions and inclusive environments with deaf and hard of hearing people. The interactive, self-paced course is delivered online in Auslan by members of the Deaf community with subtitles.
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What our Students say

Key Information

At Deaf Connect you will learn about the Deaf experience through a deeper understanding of correct terminology, communication tips, accessibility and much more. Outcomes expected from this program:


• Learn how to communicate with deaf and hard of hearing people in culturally appropriate ways, using their preferred communication style.
• Demonstrate culturally appropriate ways of interacting (e.g. eye contact, turn taking, gaining attention).
• Begin learning and building a visual vocabulary related to daily life.
• Practical tips to ensure interactions with deaf people in your workplace are inclusive and equitable.
• Communication skills for the workplace because good communication skills are universal, and do not just apply to deaf people!


By the end of DAT Online, you will know about:


• Appropriate terminology to use and some features of sign language
• Three very different deaf people and their experiences of growing up and being in the community
• Five different communication tips for use when you meet deaf or hard of hearing people
• What an accessible workplace looks like
• The adjustments that can be made in a family where there is a deaf child
• What assistive technology is available for deaf and hard of hearing people
• Some famous deaf and hard of hearing people and their successes

If you have a deaf employee you may be eligible to have the costs of this training reimbursed by the Australian Government through the Employment Assistance Fund.


The Employment Assistance Fund provides Government funding to assist employers of people with disabilities to purchase a range of work related modifications and services. This fund is administered by JobAccess and can be used to pay for access to workplace training and interpreting provided by Deaf Connect to encourage employers to recruit deaf and hard of hearing staff.


You can visit: www.jobaccess.gov.au or contact JobAccess on 1800 464 800 for more information or contact us for information.

• One Hour Face-to-Face Program: This program provides an introduction to the barriers that deaf and hard of hearing experience and basic information about communicating with deaf people. 


• Two Hour Face-to-Face Program: This program is recommended for people or teams involved in the delivery of frontline services so they can guide appropriate service provision. This can also be delivered as an EAF program*



*EAF stands for employee assistance fund, which is funding available for Deaf Awareness training for organisations that have a Deaf or hard of hearing employees. 

Got a Question?

For all DAT enquiries, please email [email protected] and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.