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What is Visual Vernacular?

Visual Vernacular is not widely used here in Australia, however it is picking up traction across the Deaf community globally. We recently had staff members attend Festival Clin d’Oeil in France where they saw the format performed in conjunction with poetry and elements of drama involved. 

Visual Vernacular is a unique physical theatre technique, with elements of poetry and mime, primarily performed by Deaf artists. This powerful story telling style combines strong movement, iconic signs, with gestures and facial expressions, to capture the world in all its visual complexity. 

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Workshops for Deaf Youth in October

We are excited to provide Deaf youth with the opportunity to learn from experts in Visual Vernacular.  

We will provide a two-part workshop series which focusses on teaching Deaf youth (ages 16 – 30) how to utilise Visual Vernacular (VV). These workshops will be led by Salomon Gerber along with some special guest presenters that we will announce soon!  

Youth must be able to attend both workshops to participate. 

Workshop 1: Saturday, 7 October, 10am – 2pm, Deaf Connect Parramatta
Workshop 2: Saturday, 22nd October 11am – 3pm, Harry Todd Band Hall; 10 Jubilee La, Parramatta NSW 2150

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Community Event and Performance

Watch our Deaf youth perform their Visual Vernaculars and ask our presenters any questions you may have.  

There will also be the opportunity to perform your own Visual Vernacular to the audience! 

Performance: Saturday, 22nd October 5:30pm – 7:30pm @Harry Todd Band Hall (Tickets to this event are separate) 

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