Auslan Storytime is Growing

Published on: 10th June 2024

Libraries across Australia are embracing the value of Auslan Storytime, a program that brings the joy of storytelling to life, through Auslan. We’re excited to announce that two new libraries, Fairfield City Library and Townsville City Libraries, have partnered with Deaf Connect to offer these sessions. 

Term 2 sessions are on now 

Auslan Storytime is led by a Deaf presenter supported by an interpreter. It provides a positive learning space where families can come together, learn new signs, and connect with the Deaf community. This initiative has been highly successful, with existing sessions in New South Wales, Queensland and the Northern Territory.  

  • Townsville storytime is held at 10am on the second Saturday of every month at Townsville City Libraries on Flinders Street. 
  • Fairfield storytime is held at 11-11:30am once a month on Saturdays at Bonnyrigg Library. 
  • City of Ryde storytime is held at 9:45-10:15am, fortnightly on Saturdays at North Ryde Library.
  • City of Sydney storytime is held at 11:30am-12pm on Saturdays at Glebe Library. 

The benefits of Auslan Storytime go beyond storytelling 

These sessions enable children’s confidence to grow as they participate and learn important early literacy skills.  

For many hearing families with Deaf children, these sessions offer a valuable chance to meet others and make connections. Early exposure to Auslan not only helps with communication but also brings families closer as they learn the language together. 

Join us at an Auslan Storytime session near you! 

See upcoming sessions on our events page: 

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