Auslan Trainer Allan and his passion for teaching Auslan

Published on: 3rd July 2023

Are you interested in learning Australian Sign Language – Auslan? Deaf Connect is your perfect starting point.

Auslan Trainer Allan, says the best place to begin is with the eight-week Introduction class. During this course, you will learn the basic signs, participate in fun activities, and build confidence. From there, you can continue your learning with the Auslan qualifications, which will help you develop your knowledge and understanding of the linguistics of Auslan.  

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Learning Auslan is important because it’s a language that promotes accessibility and inclusion. In addition, it’s a unique language with a rich history and its own grammar. As an Auslan Trainer, Allan is passionate about teaching and supporting his students’ progress. He emphasises that educators are crucial in helping students develop their skills.   

Allan’s passion for Auslan and teaching is evident in everything he does. As an Auslan Trainer, he creates a supportive and inclusive environment for his students to learn and grow.  

“One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is seeing my students progress and become more confident in their signing abilities,”

Why is it important for people to learn Auslan? Allan believes that it can help break down barriers and bring people together. Allan also emphasises the importance of the Deaf community and the role that Auslan plays, “Being Deaf myself, I think it’s easier for me to have access and a connection to the Deaf community. It’s a culture; it’s people mingling and being together, events, and being able to meet new people. That’s the Deaf community to me; It’s the equality that happens there.”  

“It’s important for people to understand that Deaf and hard of hearing individuals have their own language and culture.”

As an Auslan Trainer, Allan is essential in helping students learn the language and gain a greater understanding of the Deaf community.  

“Educators have very important roles,” he says. “I ensure that students are participating and are motivated to learn. In the classroom, we do roleplays, revision and fun activities.” Allan’s enthusiasm for teaching is evident in his classroom.

“I’m now a qualified educator, and I feel I have achieved my goal. I have found my passion, and it is working here at Deaf Connect.”

If you’re looking for a new challenge or a way to expand your skills, why not consider learning Auslan?  

As Allan says, “I just love Auslan. It’s beautiful”.  

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