Jennifer’s Auslan Teaching Journey

Published on: 7th August 2023


Deaf Connect Auslan trainer, Jennifer, shares her teaching story, highlighting her passion for seeing her students’ language knowledge flourish. Jennifer’s journey might just inspire you to consider learning Auslan. If you’re feeling motivated by this story, find out more about our introductory classes here.

Jennifer is currently an Auslan trainer at Deaf Connect. However, her teaching career began when she was invited to assist in a school classroom back in 1993. Then, Jennifer worked as a bookkeeper during the day and dedicated her evenings to teaching Auslan. She always eagerly anticipated the opportunity to teach Auslan at the end of each day. 

“The reason I love teaching Auslan is because I encounter a wide range of students, making it constantly interesting. Some students come from medical backgrounds, while others work in education as teachers or teacher aides. Then there are those from the community who engage in support work. So, I’m fortunate to have a diverse group of students, each with their own unique motivations to learn Auslan…”

Jennifer is renowned for her stimulating activities, fun teaching style, and the laughter she brings to her classes. She deepens her students’ understanding of Deaf culture and language, ensuring an engaging and enjoyable learning experience that pushes them beyond their comfort zones. “This approach keeps the students motivated,” she adds. 

Jennifer mostly teaches the Introduction to Auslan course, nurturing students as they start their journey of learning the language of Auslan, Deaf culture, and about the Deaf community. Teaching Auslan is Jennifer’s true passion, and her ultimate goal is to encourage more students to become interpreters, given the high demand for them within the community. 

Jennifer shares her belief in the importance of learning Auslan:

“Learning Auslan provides access for deaf people. In hospital visits or emergency situations, having someone who can communicate with you brings immediate relief. It is crucial for more people to be proficient in Auslan, granting the Deaf community greater access to communication.” 

To learn Auslan from dedicated and experienced trainers like Jennifer, check out our classes here.

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