Meet the Townsville Team – Therapy & Family Services I Eloise

Published on: 8th July 2024

Eloise is our dedicated Allied Health Assistant in our Therapy and Family Services team in Townsville.

Let’s explore her journey and her impact on our clients in Far North Queensland! 

Collaborating with Speech Language Pathologists  

As an Allied Health Assistant, Eloise collaborates with and works under our speech language pathologists and Teachers of the Deaf, enhancing the support provided to our clients, including deaf and hard of hearing kids. 

I work with speech therapists that work with the students. So, they do the speech and I focus on the Auslan. 

This ensures that clients receive holistic support that is tailored to their preferred mode of communication.  

Eloise’s experience growing up Deaf in Townsville and her cultural understanding is also a cornerstone of her role.  

There [is] a lot of Deaf cultural training.

Parents can better understand Deaf culture for their children, and this ensures that our adult clients across Far North Queensland have support that provides the best possible outcomes in terms of their participation levels and overall well-being. 

What does an Allied Health Assistant do?  

Eloise’s commitment to supporting deaf and hard of hearing individuals and families with deaf children shines through her work every day – under the supervision of an allied health professional, Eloise works directly with families to support their child’s communication. She provides language models in Auslan and supports families in navigating their journey, providing strategies to support communication, and understanding Deaf culture. 

This also includes creating informative resources and posters that become essential tools and materials that can be integrated into everyday environments to make them more accessible and inclusive.  

She also visits childcare centers and ensures that they’re giving access to different deaf and hard of hearing children, i.e. incorporating signing into activities and using technology like the Roger system that transmits voices to hearing devices. 

Eloise’s passion for fostering communication and inclusivity demonstrates the impact that customised, culturally aware support can have on the lives of deaf and hard of hearing clients. 

Our Approach to supporting Deaf Clients and families with deaf kids  

Eloise highlights what sets Deaf Connect’s services apart in Far North Queensland:  

I think it’s the bilingual bicultural nature. At our organisation, the speech therapists are trained in Auslan. They understand how the deaf and hard of hearing children feel and can modify their activities with that experience in mind to ensure those activities are enjoyable.

Deaf Connect incorporates a total communication approach to intervention, including; Auslan, natural gestures, body language, listening, and speech. This exposure to and respect of all language modes is integrated in our allied health services, FNQ school programs and more.  

Therapy and Family Services in Townsville 

In Townsville, Deaf Connect provide a range of therapy and family services, for: 

  • Deaf or hard of hearing clients from birth to age 65 under the NDIS and Medicare.  

These services include speech language pathology and Teachers of the Deaf , who specialise in working with Deaf and hard of hearing individuals. Our team provide services in-person and over video conferencing (telehealth) and also travel to Mackay and Cairns every 2 months to provide assessment and therapy in person. 

We currently have immediate availability in the Townsville region to provide services in-person and over telehealth.   

For more information about our services, or to see how we can support you, please visit our website Therapy Services or contact our team on [email protected]     

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