Oliver’s Story | Auslan At Home

Published on: 8th March 2023

Home. While for many of us it’s a common shorthand for safety, comfort and family, we all know every home is wonderfully unique, whether it’s the number of people under the roof, the rules and routines or the language spoken around the dinner table. Every home is different, an understanding our Auslan at Home service holds at its core. 

Our Auslan tutors travel far and wide to visit families in their homes, delivering communication skills and services often unavailable due to location or circumstance. Our tutor Tabatha recently travelled to a rural cattle station near Charleville to meet with the family of Oliver, a seven year-old boy with Cerebral Palsy and speech issues. 

After initially struggling to communicate with Oliver, his family found some limited success through an Auslan phone app, and engaged Auslan at Home as part of their NDIS package, allowing Tabatha to travel out and stay with them for an entire weekend. 

“It’s been amazing to watch Oliver’s confidence now that he has more signs at his fingertips… pun intended!” 

This allowed Tabatha to fully understand the family’s unique dynamic, and to teach them signs specific to their daily routines on the cattle station as well as to Oliver’s communication and mobility needs. 

“I can’t express enough how helpful, wonderful, educational and fun it was to learn Auslan at home with Tabatha,” said Oliver’s mum, Gabrielle. “It’s been amazing to watch Oliver’s confidence now that he has more signs at his fingertips… pun intended!. It was better than I could have hoped for.” 

For a family with such specialised requirements—and a home in outback Australia—the flexibility of our Auslan at Home service made all the difference. 

To find out more about Auslan at Home, or to enquire about booking as part of an NDIS package, email [email protected]


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