Our impact

Deaf Connect works across four key areas to champion Deaf rights and capacity and support the possibilities for every Deaf, deafblind and hard of hearing Australian. Click on an area to find out more, and to browse our work and projects.  

  1. Community Investment
  2. Advocacy, Policy and Research
  3. Projects for Community Growth
  4. Sector Engagement


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Community Investment

Deaf Connect is actively investing in the Australian Deaf community with a focus on building capacity, and ensuring all parts of our diverse community are supported. This includes a focus on several key areas:

  • Building up and supporting the Deaf Ecosystem
  • Connecting and working with Deaf Youth, and;
  • Forging Deaf leadership opportunities.


Advocacy, policy & research

Deaf Connect works alongside governments and various stakeholders to help create policies, write submissions, and give advice on issues relevant to our community. We deliver a national advocacy platform, focusing on key impact areas that will lead to systemic change for our community. We also contribute to evidence-based research that leads to positive outcomes for all Deaf, deafblind, and hard of hearing Australians. 
We ensure that the Deaf Community has representation and the opportunity to secure leadership at roundtables and thinktanks on specific and relevant issues at both the state/territory and federal levels to create influence and impact. 

Projects for Community Growth

With the support of Government, and commercial grants and sponsorships, Deaf Connect develops projects and plans aimed to engage with, inform and grow our community and sector. 

See what we’ve been working on: 

Sector engagement

In order to keep serving our Deaf Australians, Deaf Connect are constantly working on opportunities to understand and grow our connection to the Community. This has included brining the community in on key decisions, opening the lines of communication for feedback, and sharing updates and information from the organisation and sector.