Our impact

We work across four main areas to assert the rights, capacity and possibility of every Deaf, deafblind and hard of hearing Australians.

  1. Community Investment
  2. Advocacy, Policy and Research
  3. Sector Engagement
  4. Organisational Development



1. Community Investment

  1. Leading national community capacity building and empowerment initiatives.
  2. Actively investing in the Australian Deaf community and the Deaf ecosystem through grants and investments.
  3. Facilitating authentic and meaningful consultations with the community to inform future strategic direction.

See what we are working on:

  • Deaf leadership
  • Deaf ecosystem
  • Deaf heritage
  • Deaf youth
  • Grants and sponsorships

2. Advocacy, policy and research

  1. Creating policies and write writing submissions on issues relevant to our community.
  2. Providing advice to governments and other organisations based on these policies.
  3. Delivering a national advocacy platform – big ideas for our organisation and others focusing on key impact areas that will lead to systemic change benefiting our community.
  4. Creating and contributing to evidence-based research that leads to positive outcomes for our community.

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3. Sector engagement

  1. Developing a detailed plan to engage with a range of community, sector, industry, government and corporate partners.
  2. Ensuring deaf services and the deaf society has representation within sector, industry and government bodies at both the state/territory and federal levels to create influence and impact.
  3. Securing leadership roles at sector and industry roundtables and thinktanks on specific and relevant issues.

See what we are working on:

  • Our partners
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4. Organisational Development

  1. Developing a business development and growth strategy across all our service lines.
  2. Proactively seeking new business and service development opportunities through tendering, proposals and submissions.
  3. Investigating organisational growth opportunities through collaboration and partnerships which align with our strategic goals.
  4. Fostering a culture within our organisation innovation to feed impact and growth.

See what we are working on:

  • The Tap
  • Northern territory services
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