Ageing Well – Taking Steps Towards Safety: Avoiding Trips and Falls

Published on: 17th July 2023

Taking Steps Towards Safety: Avoiding Trips and Falls

As we grow older, our bodies change, affecting our balance, coordination, and physical strength. Falls are unfortunately common among seniors and can result in severe injuries and a loss of independence. However, by acting now, we can significantly reduce the risk of falls and create a safer environment for ourselves and our loved ones.

Here are six helpful tips to prevent falls and maintain well-being:

  1.  Exercise and Strengthening: Regular physical activity is important for maintaining strength, flexibility, and balance. Choose exercises that suit your abilities, such as walking, swimming, yoga, or tai chi. These activities improve muscle tone, coordination, and stability. Seek personalised exercise recommendations from a healthcare professional or physical therapist.
  2. Home Safety Modifications: Making your living environment safe is important for preventing falls at home. Consider the following:
    • Remove tripping hazards. 
    • Have good indoor and outdoor lighting. 
    • Install and use handrails or grab bars. 
    • Use slip-resistant surfaces.
  3. Medication Management: Some medications can cause dizziness, drowsiness, or affect balance, increasing the risk of falls. Seniors should regularly review their medications with healthcare providers to identify potential side effects.
  4. Foot Care: Proper foot care is often overlooked but important for fall prevention. Wear well-fitting, comfortable, non-slip shoes and keep toenails trimmed to prevent discomfort and stumbling.
  5. Assistive Devices: Depending on a person’s needs, seniors may benefit from assistive devices that improve stability and mobility, such as canes, walkers, or mobility scooters. Consult healthcare professionals to determine the appropriate device type.
  6. Regular Health Checkups: Maintain regular checkups with healthcare providers to detect underlying conditions.  

Preventing falls among seniors requires a collective effort, including creating a safe environment, maintaining physical well-being, and addressing individual needs. By implementing the strategies mentioned in this blog, we can significantly reduce the risk of falls. Remember, a little prevention goes a long way in ensuring safety, well-being, and independence. Let’s take that step towards safety today! 

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