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Published on: 10th July 2023

Ageing Well and My Aged Care 

As you get older, living independently in your own home can become more difficult.

My Aged Care is an Australian Government service which assists Australians over 65 (or over 50 for people who identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander) to access different types of support in their home.

Support in the home can mean:

  • Help with cleaning
  • Help with shopping
  • Help with personal transport (to appointments and social activities)
  • Installing equipment to help make your home safer (e.g. rails for getting out of the bath or shower)

It may be time to contact My Aged Care if you:

  • Need help from family or friends to do things you previously did yourself
  • Are starting to have difficulty remembering things
  • Have a medical condition with impacts your independence
  • Recently had a fall, or had to go to hospital unexpectedly

We can help you.

To find out more, see our services information page here.

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