‘Deaf Life: Let’s Talk About It’ I Magic moments from family event

Published on: 4th July 2024

Thank you to everyone who came along to our ‘Deaf Life, Let’s Talk About It’ event at Green Square Library in Sydney last weekend! We loved seeing lots of smiles and hosting conversation tables with diverse Deaf community members so that families, young people, and those who work with deaf and hard of hearing kids could learn more about the Deaf experience, language and culture🤝 

Deaf Connect Therapy and Family Services Coordinator and key facilitator of the event, Genevieve Roberts, structured the event as an opportunity to connect with the Deaf community, supports and services: 

“I knew that the village of support for families is strengthened by internal connections and networking” 

  • Genevieve Roberts, Therapy and Family Services Coordinator 

Some magic moments:  

Want to know more about how we support families with deaf and hard of hearing kids throughout their journey?  

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Please note that the Family Mentor Program is currently only available in Metro NSW. 

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