Deaf Connect’s Family Services team in NSW have crafted this program in collaboration with Teachers of the Deaf, with inputs from the Deaf community, to provide comprehensive support with a bilingual, bicultural approach and Deaf wisdom. We focus on first language acquisition, behaviour, social skills and culture and help form responsive parent-child relationships, which is essential for brain development 

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What Sets Our Program Apart?

Approximately 95% of Deaf and hard of hearing children are born to hearing parents and, as a new parent, you want to ensure your child has the best possible start in life.  

Our program connects families with a Deaf mentor who is fluent in Auslan and trained in early language development to provide access to language and community, set the foundations for your child to reach their full potential, and nurture responsive parent-child relationships to support you through these critical early stages.  

  • Deaf expertise: Our Family Mentors are Deaf adults with specialised training in early childhood development, offering invaluable lived experience, Auslan, and positive identity role-modelling from their own unique journey.   
  • Holistic Approach to Early Language Development: We focus on early access to language and maximising communication possibilities, including Auslan, to provide every option for children to decide their preferences later in life.   
  • Personalised sessions: We work collaboratively with families to structure mentoring sessions to suit your needs, empowering parents through the language journey and developing connections with the community. 

Who Can Join?

Our Family Mentor program is for families with deaf or hard of hearing children aged 0-8 years old.

Whole family involvement is required. 


Structure of the Program

The Family Mentor Program has a personalised program structure based on the needs and goals of individual families but there are few things you can expect:

  • We match a Family Mentor to suit your child and family  
  • A plan outlining frequency and length of sessions is developed in collaboration with parents and mentors   
  • We will adjust the length of the session to suit your child – from 1 to 2 hours depending on age and needs.  
  • We set goals and measure progress against developmental milestones  
  • We check in every three months to evaluate and reset goals. 
  • Regular consultation with teachers and therapists    

Additional Information

With the help of other parents, teachers and healthcare professionals; we’ve created a library of Resources for Parents of Deaf Children to help you confidently support your child’s evolving development and communication needs. Check these out below:

Early Intervention & Preschool
Primary School
Highschool and Beyond

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