Approximately 95% of Deaf and hard of hearing children are born to hearing parents and for most parents, this might be the first time they meet someone who is deaf. We want to make sure that parents have the support they need to help foster early communication skills and language development with their deaf child, and to be guided through this journey.

Our Family Services team in NSW have developed this program in conjunction with Teachers of the Deaf and with consultation of Deaf community members to bridge the gap between language and culture; the familiar hearing world and that of the Deaf. 

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Who Can Join?

This program is designed for:

  • New parents or dedicated carers of deaf and hard-of-hearing children aged 0-8 years old, based in Metro-Sydney
  • Families beginning their journey to better understand and incorporate access to Deaf culture and the Deaf community, based in Metro-Sydney

Outcomes of the Program

Through one-on-one session with their Deaf Family Mentor, families will

  • Better understand Deaf culture, language and community
  • Develop improved communication skills at home, in real life situations and in everyday routines
  • Gain more access to information and guidance from a Deaf perspective
  • Be able to provide their child with earlier access to all communication methods improving language development
  • Prevent leading gaps and enabling your child to have full choice over their preferred language later in life
  • Pride, comfortability and empowered Deaf identity
  • Have improved parenting confidence and positive outlook for the future

Join The Program

Have a question or want to start your journey and find a Family Mentor? Get in touch with our team using this form or email [email protected]


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Additional Information

With the help of other parents, teachers and healthcare professionals; we’ve created a library of Resources for Parents of Deaf Children to help you confidently support your child’s evolving development and communication needs. Check these out below:

Early Intervention & Preschool
Primary School
Highschool and Beyond

Interested in other Mentorship programs in NSW? Check out our Parent To Parent Mentor Program here.

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