Our Interpreters: Duke

Published on: 5th July 2022

We asked one of our long-term interpreters, Duke, why he enjoys working at Deaf Connect. Watch the interview in Auslan or read our blog below.


What is the best thing about being an interpreter?

The best thing about being an interpreter is twofold for Duke. His job role enables him to encounter a vast array of different situations and meet a variety of people.

“Every day is different, and I get to meet different people and visit different places and meet different people – whether it be on Zoom or if I encounter them in various situations. That gives me a lot of enjoyment.”

He also enjoys the flexibility that working with Deaf Connects brings, enabling him to live a life he loves. He can take certain jobs on board and take control of his workload to suit his lifestyle.

“I can have complete control of my schedule. I can make my schedule busy or I can make my schedule quiet and I can ensure that work-life balance is there.”


What is the best thing about working at Deaf Connect?

“The best part about working for Deaf Connect is the diversity of work that is offered to me. As well as a strong relationship with the booking team and the support that’s provided by them.”


Why is it important to work for a not for profit?

Working for a not for profit is important to Duke because it enables him to be involved with the Deaf community, knowing that the organisation give directly back to the Deaf community.

“All services provided, everything they do is for the community and the profits go back to the community they serve.”


Deaf Connect are currently hiring interpreters in every state and territory in Australia. Join our team and apply online today:

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