Our Interpreters: Paula

Published on: 15th July 2022

Paula has worked with Deaf Connect for almost 15 years! From her time at the Deaf Society in NSW, to now working in the NT as the lead Auslan interpreter, her knowledge and mentoring for other interpreters is unmatched.  

Watch our Auslan interview above or read through our blog below.


What is the best thing about being an interpreter? 

For Paula, the variety of work  

“Every day is different. It really depends on the appointment. I turn up to the appointment, I meet new people, I’m learning new information, things that are new to me, constantly going into a new situation, new circumstances. It’s just fascinating every day. I’m so excited to go to work every day… The variety of people and the variety of places I go, it’s just such a great job.” Says Paula. 


What is the best part about working for Deaf Connect? 

There are two key reasons why Paula loves working at Deaf Connect – a supportive team and a strong sense of collegiality and teamwork, and great opportunities for training. 

“I’ve got a fantastic amount of support working as an interpreter. Often you can work quite isolated, but working within this organisation, there is a strong sense of teamwork and collegiality and support.” Paula says.   

“I can call my manager to have a debrief. I can contact another interpreter that I’ve worked with, or I could call the booking officers to talk through a job I’m booked on. So that fantastic team that we have – it’s professional, it’s supportive.” 

“Working for Deaf Connect has really given me great opportunities for training, being able to refine my skills. I’ve been offered a various range of professional development.” 


What professional development opportunities have you had at Deaf Connect? 

For Paula, being a mentor is just one area that Deaf Connect has shown a lot of support for her professional development.   

“I feel like it’s a very positive experience to be able to mentor and support those newly qualified interpreters. Mentoring them to refine their skills, to be reflective and improve their work standards.” 

“I have attended different courses, I’ve attended workshops getting together with other mentors we want to work together to be able to provide that support to our new interpreters to become qualified, to then start accepting a little bit more challenging job. So that’s a real passion of mine.” Says Paula. 


Describe your interpreting role in 3 words. 


Three words used by Paula Bun to sum up her career as an interpreter at Deaf Connect. 


What is one thing you look forward to every day at work? 

“Every day I look forward to meeting a range of Deaf people. Working along with these people in the community, being a part of their life, being able to use their language and working along with the Deaf community. That’s just something I really value.” Says Paula. 


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