Will’s Auslan Training Journey

Published on: 29th June 2022

Deaf Connect Auslan trainer, Will tells us about his Auslan journey and why he loves teaching Auslan. Have you ever considered a career as an Auslan teacher? Learn more and apply now by visiting our careers page here.

Auslan Trainers are an integral part of community, influencing students’ lives, inspiring and motivating them to achieve their potential and encouraging connectedness to their local community.  By pursuing a career in Auslan education you have a positive effect on society as a whole as language enables community connectedness, expression and understanding. The impression you make on the individual in the classroom has a knock-on effect.  

For Will, his role as a trainer is multi-faceted, meeting many different people along their Auslan journey. Previously Will had spent years in the information technology sector and was encouraged to enter into a career in Auslan.  

Will says, “I love Auslan because it’s my way to access the world. It’s my language. It’s who I am. The community is out there, and I want to interact with them. So, that’s why I learnt to sign.” 

Will chose to become a trainer with Deaf Connect because of the impact learning Auslan has on the wider community. Teaching someone Auslan has a domino effect, these students then go out into the world to encourage others to learn. 

Will says “The reason I teach Auslan and why I think it’s important that people learn is that these people can learn Auslan and go out into the community and filter that through to the broader community. So, I might teach one person that then filters that information through to other people and they come in and join my class.” 

One of the great benefits of teaching Auslan is the diverse array of people you will meet and the journey they will go on to have with the Auslan Language. Students may want a career in interpreting, want to upskill by learning a new language, be an inclusive business or perhaps they have friends or family they want to better connect with. 

 Will says “The reason I love teaching Auslan? There’s a lot of reasons. One of them is I just love seeing the growth in a student from beginner level to becoming an interpreter out in the community. And I just love Auslan as a language in its own right.” 

Want to know more about career and education options, find out more and apply now by visiting our careers page here.

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