What can you Book an Interpreter for?

You can book a free interpreter for a whole range of events, activities or appointments. Such as:

• Weddings, funerals and family reunions
• Theater and events
• Seniors activities, clubs or groups

• Banking, superannuation & budgeting
• Private hospital appointments
• Downsizing, selling or moving home
• Online activities & meetings
• Talking to your internet or phone provider

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New Live Captioning Service

The free interpreting service being offered to Deaf and hard of hearing seniors across Australia now includes live captioning!

Live captioning is the creation of captions that appear on a screen (ie: ipad/tablet or phone) while someone is speaking. It is particularly useful for people who are not fluent in Auslan, and/or who require additional communication support.

Live captioning is offered both online and in-person.


For Service Providers

This service is also available to service providers to support Australian seniors to better engage with:

  • Aged Care System Navigators
  • My Aged Care
  • Regional Assessment Services
  • Aged Care Assessment Teams
  • Home Care Package Providers
  • Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) Providers
  • Residential Aged Care service providers
  • Other organisations delivering Australian Government funded aged care services
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Make a booking

Please contact our bookings team to book an interpreter. You can contact us in many ways –

Need some help with using Skype or Zoom? Download our Bookings & VRI Instructional Guide.

Download our ‘How to Book‘ Flyer here.

interpreting welcome


This program also allows seniors to access Auslan interpreters in after-hours emergency situations, involving police, hospitals and other emergency services. This ensures that Deaf and hard of hearing seniors have equal access when communication is needed most.

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Interpreting & Live Captioning Workshops

Deaf and hard of hearing seniors are invited to join one of our workshops with information and training on how you can access free interpreting and live captioning services.

Click Learn More for details of the workshops and how to RSVP.

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This program is funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care.

Deaf Connect would also like to acknowledge the Australian Deaf Elders and Deaf led organisations for their work in lobbying for the government to provide funding for Auslan interpreting for Deaf seniors.