Federal Election | Auslan Interpreted Debate

Published on: 10th May 2022

Deaf Connect is proud to deliver the 2nd Federal Election Debate from Sunday 8 May in Auslan.

This is the first time (since 1990) a debate of this kind has been made available to the Deaf community in Auslan, and is critical initiative to ensure equality of information as we approach the upcoming election.

Our team will continue working with the television networks to find a solution to provision of Auslan access live. Until then, we are happy to have worked with Channel 9 to deliver the debate in full.

Please note that this is a full translation of Sunday’s programming, including references to the online polls, which have since closed. You can use the QR code discussed in the footage to view the final poll results.

Thank you to Channel 9 for providing us with the footage, watch it above.

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