Lego Learners Program – Hear from Parents

Published on: 4th July 2024

Hear from parents about how the Lego Learners program in Brisbane incorporates Deaf input, values a wide range of language and communication options, and focuses on enhancing social skills for their children.  

“Having the therapists nearby to help them navigate and model communication was helpful…It’s an opportunity for parents to connect and hopefully help build Deaf community friendships for their children.” 

  • Parent of child in Lego Learners Program, Brisbane 

 “My child had increased enthusiasm attending this program and an even greater interest in playing with Lego.” 

“The high level of support and feedback was great. Well organised as well.” 

  • Parent of child in Lego Learners Program, Brisbane 

Lego Learners Program 

Our 3-day Lego Learners program, facilitated by our Therapy & Family Services Team in Brisbane, focuses on building communication, fine motor, social and emotional skills through the shared joy of building Lego.  

Lego Learners runs during school holidays with limited spots available – and places fill up fast! 

The next program will be happening during the next school holidays. You can express your interest and ensure you are updated on final dates by filling out the form on our website.  

Have questions about the program? Email our team at [email protected]. 

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